Training Options

netPolarity's Sourcer and Recruiter Training is available in a variety of formats designed to suit the special needs of our corporate clients and individual recruiters and sourcers alike.

MARS corporate Sourcing and Recruiting Bootcamp

Our most comprehensive program offering, MARS can be customized to fit the needs of your talent acquisition team. Depending on course selection and time commitment, training can be completed as one week to a month.

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High-Impact Booster Series

Designed for seasoned staffing professionals who want to update their skills with advanced recruiting and sourcing skills. Training can be conducted as a webinar or as a 1-day session onsite.

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Enhanced Interviewing Techniques

Ideal for corporate group settings, our Enhanced Interviewing Techniques class goes through a plethora of advanced interviewing techniques designed to take your talent acquisition team to the next level in just one day.

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eXtreme Sourcing

Our eXtreme Sourcing class is not for the faint of heart. Focusing on complex search strings and passive searches, our trainees have the option of bringing with them their most difficult requisitions to our eXtreme sourcing sessions for hands-on exercise and come out with real, actionable search results.

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