Why MARS Training?

netPolarity's sourcer and recruiter training program, MARS (Master Accreditation in Recruiting and Sourcing), can help your organization acquire, develop and retain the best talent. Our clients have used MARS to scale internal sourcing and recruiting teams, standardize training, or simply bring skills up-to-date.

Scale Internal Sourcing and Recruiting Teams

Our clients use MARS to scale their internal sourcing and recruiting teams quickly and cost-effectively. With experienced recruiters scarce and in high demand, our clients have utilized MARS as a training tool to bring junior or novice sourcers and recruiters up-to-speed with their more experienced staff. MARS gives our clients the cost-effective option to hire entry-level sourcers and recruiters and have them up and running quickly.

Standardize Internal Training

Our clients use MARS to standardize internal training. Some of our clients have used MARS to ensure that each member of their talent acquisition staff goes through the same training. By utilizing MARS as the standard, our clients rest assured that each member of their team has gone through best-in-class training. Standardizing training also allows our clients to have a platform in which they can effectively gauge individual performance.

Bring Internal Skill Sets Up-to-Date

Our clients use MARS to update the skills of internal staff. With new tools and technologies constantly changing sourcing and recruiting methodologies, our clients use MARS to keep their internal talent acquisition teams highly competitive and their skill sets up-to-date.